portrait of Martin Stut

Are you looking for someone to assist your organization, your business or even your household with information technology needs? Perhaps you need someone who:

Other gifts and abilities I can offer:

I am here to help. You can utilize my broad knowledge from more than three decades of experience in Information Technology. I have likely already seen a situation like yours and know the hidden challenges and opportunities. I have been involved with numerous large scale IT projects, including international ones, for various Christian organizations, acquainting me with their special needs. I am keenly aware of security issues and understand the need to develop and maintain these projects on a tight budget.

My current part time employment provides me the opportunity to assist small businesses or households with IT improvements without it costing you the normal high cost of IT support. I can offer solutions at a minimal cost, solutions that require little effort and are thus efficient for you.

If you are looking for a German in Germany for managing events, having an address in Germany or similar tasks, I can recommend my wife’s Büroservice Marion Stut (German language only).